Work in Finland

Thinking of working abroad? As the happiest country in the world, Finland is one of the best countries to work and live in! We offer plenty of job opportunities in Finland in all industries, suitable for all stages of your career. Exciting jobs in English for foreigners are available.



Welcome to explore the main benefits of living and working in Finland:


The Nordic countries, including Finland, are well-known for leading global happiness charts, excelling at such indexes as political stability, lack of corruption, human rights values, education and healthcare systems, and environmental protection. Finland is driven by a people approach, those offering exceptional quality of life for all residents. Social protection, income security, and advanced health system stay at the core of the Finnish social welfare. This allows the population to enjoy an extensive range of benefits and allowances: sickness & unemployment benefits, workers’ and families’ compensations, pensions, child-care services, services for the disabled, etc.

Moreover, the education system is among the best in the world, with affordable high-quality schooling and equal opportunities for each inhabitant. Here everything is designed to work for people’s well-being.


The working culture in Finland is equal, relaxed, and punctual. Generally, the companies have a flat organizational structure – regardless of their position in the company, most people are on a first-name basis, and informal work relationships are encouraged. At the same time, employers are focusing on persons’ professional development and well-being. Lifelong learning is highly valued and supported while respecting the work-life balance is an unwritten rule in the Finnish working culture.

Alongside good working conditions and remuneration, employees in Finland are receiving a correct and equal treatment. Everyone is doing the tasks at their own pace, the pressure at work is reduced to a minimum and management is supportive. Work is seen as an essential part of life, and it should be enjoyable, fulfilling, and most of all – safe. Therefore, if considering working abroad, job opportunities in Finland come with a calm and comfortable environment. 

We provide extensive healthcare and insurances to all our employees from private entities. Each employee has also access to public healthcare, praised as one of the best in the world. 

When it comes to remuneration, although taxes are known to be high, the net earnings generally provide a comfortable level of living in a modern and progressive society.


Jobs in Finland are taken seriously, and so is the spare time! The regular workday has 8 hours, and everybody is taking on the duties with diligence and efficiency so that the free time could be spent with family, enjoying hobbies, or simply resting. Life outside of work is the number 1 priority in this country. There is a long yearly holiday break and several paid national public holidays, that employed persons can benefit from. The overtime is collected and then used as time off from work, allowing people to recharge and balance the workload with adequate leisure. Is a common belief that resting and taking care of oneself is as important as doing a good job at work. For example, an after-work sauna is a Finnish tradition that spans beyond decades, with many apartment buildings or even private apartments accommodating their own saunas. 


Finland might not be a globally famous tourist attraction, but if you’re into sports, especially winter ones, and nature, prepare yourself to be amazed! National and city parks are pure nature gems just one stone away from most of the residential areas. Depending on the season, dwellers can enjoy hikes, swims, berries or mushrooms picking, camps, or simply silence. Also, Finland is the place to consider, if you were dreaming of living by a lake or near the forest while having easy access to your workplace.

Although Nordic people are quiet and calm, they’re always on the move, being involved in plenty of indoor or outdoor activities – kayaking, paddling, running, cycling, swimming, etc. Most of the cities are bike-friendly, providing an extensive and beautiful route network. Also, a good way to experience local culture is to join many outdoor activities, events, and celebrations that take place throughout the year.