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Our mission is to lead change, shape the working life of tomorrow and develop new solutions that help people and businesses grow. Entering a new employment era, we are looking globally more actively than ever. Industries are massively changing, creating new fields and ways of working while leaving others completely behind. To respond to new market demands and to maintain a dynamic and competitive Nordic ecosystem, driven by the best skill sets, we chose to go international.

At the same time, we offer opportunities in the Nordic market, globally ranked as the best countries to live and work in. We make sure to match your career goals and ambitions with the best job opportunities, as we believe that happy and content workers are a driving force in developing welfare societies.

At Barona, you will find a partner that supports you in each stage of your relocation to Finland, Sweden or Norway. We help you settle down, provide you with accommodation, guidance through all administrative formalities, and support you in kick-starting your new career journey.

You will have all the necessary help and tools for designing your own working life abroad. Above all, you will find an extensive range of opportunities to expand your skills and pursue a career at any stage of your working life.

You can find support in English, Polish, Slovak, Russian, Romanian, Estonian and Finnish.



Founded in 1999, Barona is a top personnel service company in the Nordics and the largest organisation in its field in Finland. We have been actively recruiting foreign talent since 2007, helping international specialists join leading companies in such fields as the metal industry, logistics, construction, the food industry and services.

We operate in more than 10 countries and have offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Slovakia and Estonia.


Aside from just cultural integration, we are looking for people with the same interests and principles, that share similar objectives and values, as we do. Our core values are now part of our DNA:


Together, we will promote an equal and ethical working life. We encourage transparent operations that support diversity and respect differences. In our opinion, everyone deserves to find their place in working life. Where necessary, we will tackle even difficult matters and develop our own operations. We encourage everyone to act responsibly—to go the extra mile and help someone else. Barona employees are known for their ability to take responsibility in working life.


We encourage experiments and rolling up one’s sleeves without the fear of mistakes. We would rather be pioneers than followers. We set ambitious goals and create a happier and fairer working life through them. We respect those who take responsibility, who come up with creative new things on their own initiative by utilising their own strengths.


We give people the freedom to be exactly who they are and possibility to work in any way they see fit, as long as they respect the principles we have set together. With us, you do not need to hide the rest of your life, not your religion, not your hobbies or who you love. We believe in people and a working life that works for them.


We create a happier working life by working together. We share our competence and expertise with our colleagues, employees and customers. We respect each other’s opinions and strive to find solutions together. We make visible the work we have done together and give thanks for and celebrate successes together.

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