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Author: Aleksandra Celka, HR Researcher at Barona HR Services POLAND

Having an Engineer Diploma often ties you to meet the challenges of the desirable labour market – the technical and innovative one. But is it essential to head in the predictable direction?

I have chosen to follow my heart by combining my passion for humanistic issues with the acquired technical knowledge.

I agree that is it worth to determine which tasks are simply not just for you. However, it is pretty hard to know for sure which tasks satisfy you in the long run.

But if you do some soul searching and focus on things that makes you happy. Look for things which create your own asylum of contentment and fulfillment and at the same time give you strength and positive energy, you are certainly on your half-way to succeed. Another 50 % of the challenge is to aim at cultivating these positive things that make you happy.

To return to my personal story – have I followed my true career path? Have I pulled myself together? I believe yes – I have.

Helping people, working with and for them is an integral part of my life. Full of empathy, I always try to find the best solution for any problem. I focus on people’s needs, concerns and dreams and provide them the most useful advice I can come up with.

I found my second passion in Norwegian language. Everybody keeps asking why I have chosen especially this language. Honestly, it is hard for me to explain. There is just something so fascinating about this part of the world. I find Scandinavian countries’ peacefulness and dormant beauty enchanting.

My conscious choices and a little bit of luck have led me to my current position at a recruitment agency. Even though I do not know where life will take me in the future, this is where I want to be right now. Finally, I am able to combine my areas of interest into one company.

Now I represent Barona HR Services POLAND. I’m dealing with both engineering and projects requiring Scandinavian linguistic skills. My job is to arrange work for others, to assist people who are in this particular point of their lives and are ready to take a new challenge in their life. My educational background and insight help me to advance and understand better the recruitment process for position in specific industry sectors such as engineering. Moreover, I have taken another step to complete my skills in humanistic science by studying another faculty – Psychology in Business.

Nothing is impossible. You can achieve your goals by creating your own personal plan and following it with small steps. Be patient, stay positive, work hard – and believe in this idea!

I keep my fingers crossed for you and wish you tremendous perseverance and imagination. And, keep in mind that “sense of humor and patience are two camels on which you can traverse all deserts” (Phil Bosmans).