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In many companies the concept of customer experience is brought up in the morning meetings but the matter is rarely discussed on a deeper level. People tend to think that a good product and a sunny customer service is enough. In reality, the customer experience can be an important combination of carefully planned customer oriented approaches. The most important thing in the concept of customer experience is to build up

In this blog entry I am not going to speak as a professional of wellbeing at work—instead, I am going reflect on the meaningfulness of work as a part of daily wellbeing at work. When we divide the expression wellbeing at work into three parts, we can think about what these parts tell us. Meaningful work Is your work meaningful? Meaningful to whom? In a working life tied to a

Media społecznościowe w dzisiejszych czasach mają przeogromną moc przesyłania informacji. Normalnością stał się widok osób zapatrzonych w swoje smartfonach. Niektórzy mówią do telefonu, inni nagrywają się lub po prostu z wyczuciem przemieszczają się do wyznaczonego celu majac oczy wpatrzone w ekran telefonu. Prawie każdy posiada konto na Facebooku, Instagramie, twittuje myśli czy dzieli sie swoimi chwilami poprzez Snapchata. Dzielenie się swoimi przeżyciami, refleksajami czy poprostu wrzucanie fotek przeszło do porządku

Author: Aleksandra Celka, HR Researcher at Barona HR Services POLAND Having an Engineer Diploma often ties you to meet the challenges of the desirable labour market – the technical and innovative one. But is it essential to head in the predictable direction? I have chosen to follow my heart by combining my passion for humanistic issues with the acquired technical knowledge. I agree that is it worth to determine which

Writer: Jeanette Britan, Business Manager, Barona Sweden I was recently at a seminar for behavioral scientists where the question was asked if talent was innate, shaped by the environment or if there was something else that could be the basis for it. We discussed the concept back and forth in the group and concluded that it is a mixture of both heredity and environment. When I left the seminar, I

Writer: Weronika Wosik, HR Researcher at Barona Poland As winter approaches and days become short, cold and dark, we become more vulnerable to stress and burnout. Job burnout is a syndrome that happens to the people around us, to our colleagues, employees, managers, to our close people or even to us. This very popular in our times syndrome is often associated with the lack of energy, pessimism, or just lost

During my years as a manager and leader, I have many times been surprised about how the simplest and obvious things seem to be so unnatural for many senior managers. As a woman with the classic “good girl syndrome” and becoming a manager at a young age, I have often lacked faith in myself. Instead I looked at others and assumed that they, who are so experienced, had all the

Writer: Valtteri Karjula, Working life explorer In reading Yle´s article on the Finland Chamber of Commerce survey on regional competitiveness in 2016, I found it´s main message to be that the open jobs and job-seekers do not meet. Reading conversations in the Finnish Facebook group I praised in my blog last week it turns out that current job advertisements discourage applicants in their job search.  The overriding concern was the

Discussion and interest towards international study and work opportunities have been prevalent for a few years, and many consider these possibilities first while studying and then later after graduation. On the other hand, in the current challenging economy, many of those who already have work experience under their belts are left looking at foreign countries to find work equivalent to their educational background and previous work experience. In this blog