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For a recruitment consultant, a telephone is an important tool. Communicating with clients and job applicants requires me to pick up the phone several times a day.  My experience with faceless encounters and people’s behavior on the phone leads me to conclude I know a little something about modern phone culture. Most of the responses to my calls during the working day are professional and show good manners, but there is always at

If you haven’t lived on the moon for the last couple of years – you’ve heard a lot of talk about the importance of the candidate experience within talent acquisition. The ”experience” has become a differentiator between companies competing for the best talent – whether it is the pre-employment or employee – or even alumni experience. This is nothing new, as you could say that overall we live in an

Powodem, który stoi za zmianami naszego życia zawodowego jest to, iż nie przejawiamy już dłużej zainteresowania namacalnymi, materialnymi towarami, a swoją uwagę zwracamy ku ich cyfrowym odpowiednikom. Mówi się, że tradycyjne gałęzie przemysłu chylą się ku upadkowi na rzecz globalizacji oraz nowych technologii. Sprawiają one, że wiele produktów bądź usług jawią się jako tańsze, jeśli nie całkowicie bezpłatne. 12 stycznia 2017 roku, SITRA, Fiński Fundusz Innowacji zorganizował wydarzenie, którego nazwa

All companies are looking for answers on where to find excellent customer service personnel, how to motivate them to enjoy their work and how to maintain an excellent customer service level still after many years. And no wonder –customer service and its quality is something to focus on since its effect on a company’s success is tremendous. Companies providing excellent customer service stand out from their competitors. The company’s productivity

7:00 AM My alarm clock goes off. I look at the watch on my wrist. I have recovered fairly well during the night. The watch on my wrist is part of my employer’s workplace wellbeing programme. A couple of years ago scientists were able to prove that a well-slept night enhances the workers’ performance by 20% on average. Since then my employer has taken the work-rest balance seriously and we

Before you can sign your contract you have to get to the handshake. Before that, you have to get through a lot of questions. However, the interview process does not need to be unnecessarily painful. At its best, the job interview is a motivating conversation between the interviewee and the interviewer, not an anxiety-causing interrogation. No matter what, it can be a stress-inducing experience. You can reduce this pressure by

  Finding work is seldom easy. Looking for work can be tiring and emotionally draining. Sometimes the process takes months. However, this does not mean that the process cannot also be interesting and fun. We have created a concise guide to getting you started. When you know what to do and what to take into account, you can enjoy the job search process. LOAD THE GUIDE HERE: JOB SEARCH GUIDE  

We all recognize that communication is vital in many areas of our lives. In business context it is often considered as the key to success of the company on many levels. It is important when considering team relations, relations between subordinates and team leader, among management, and on many other stages where human contact is involved. Lack of proper communication has often been the reason for misunderstandings, low effectiveness of

You can survive university by being book smart, but once you start working an academic degree is no guarantee for success. You have to prove your skills again and again. Working life requires social skills, the ability to set yourself apart and perseverance. So how can you prepare yourself for the working life already during your studies? Here are nine steps that you can, and should apply already during your

SuperDay is a Barona sales tradition, in which all sales employees gather together every three months and fill the following weeks of their calendars with client meetings. The event has developed over the years and nowadays Barona recruiters have joined as well. The event offers interesting training sessions as well as content, which supports cross selling between the different branches. Early birds at the breakfast table I attended Barona Group’s